My mum passed away when I was 17 due to ovarian cancer. It became apparent I needed testing for the BRCA1 gene, this gene gives you a 85% chance of getting breast cancer and 65% chance of getting breast cancer. I tested positive.

In July 2015 I had a preventative double mastectomy which has now taken my breast cancer risk down to below population risk which is brilliant. I started a blog after my double mastectomy which had over 45,000 views in the first week and led to genetic referrals in Manchester doubling. It became a guide to other women going through the same, and I started to try and raise awareness.

Before I went in for my surgery I searched high and low for surgical drain bags. I knew I was going to be discharged from hospital with these drains, how was I to manage? I knew I was going to have drains in for at least 12 days and didn't want to be house bound. Equally though I didn't want to get funny looks in the street or feel embarrassed. 

Unfortunately hospitals do not readily give out things to contain the drains in for patients use and I saw ladies using plastic carrier bags and pillow cases. It is so inconvenient not having the use of your hands. There is no reason to be house bound after breast surgery by any means, these bags enable you to get out and about which will aid your recovery process. They also come in some really nice patterns and colours to give you that extra boost when your feeling lousy and not so good about yourself.


This is where my idea for Drain Dollies came from. Why not produce a bag especially designed to contain drains, in a discreet and simple manner and make them available to all patients.

Drain Dollies are the ideal size to store drains and are made from a soft comforting fabric, perfect for patients post op. A donation from each Drain Dolly sold will go to Genesis who are working towards preventing breast cancer with their fantastic research.

It is recommended that two drain dollies are used for a double mastectomy and one drain dolly for a single mastectomy. This is so that each bag can sit comfortably on your shoulder.